Virtual Logger

VirtualLogger Emergency Recording Service

As call recording becomes more critical to call centers’ daily operations, the risk of a recording outage has become acute. More than 30% of deployed recording equipment is five years or older leaving call centers at risk of losing calls due to an outage. VirtualLogger removes the risk of an outage with VirtualLogger ERS™, an emergency call recording service to aid call centers whose recorders have failed. Two service levels are offered – a free service that enables emergency recording on an as available basis, and a guaranteed availability service to paid subscribers.

VirtualLogger ERS™ enables businesses to quickly get back to recording calls; often within minutes of the initial service call. For most centers, a simple re-routing of calls through the VirtualLogger data center can quickly ensure secure recording, storage and access to calls through an easy to use web interface. And since the VirtualLogger data center is PCI 1.2 compliant, clients are assured that sensitive data is secure and protected.

To register for VirtualLogger ERS™ complete the VirtualLogger Discovery Document.