Virtual Logger

Virtual Logger Upgrade

Most companies that sell call recording and quality monitoring solutions sell “today’s” technology, and when the time comes for having to upgrade or replace components, the contact center faces major expenses just to keep up. VirtualLogger is the only service provider that keeps your company’s cash where it belongs – in your bank account with the “No Forklift Upgrade” Warranty.

VirtualLogger warrants that if Client changes its telephone or computer systems, VirtualLogger shall make alternative telephone recording technology, screen capture technology and other services available to the client. Conditions of this warranty include:

• VirtualLogger will replace any component of the services with alternative technology developed by or available to VirtualLogger as requested by client.

• For such replacement, VirtualLogger will charge client only for the direct expenses associated with such replacement plus the then-prevailing fees for the time of VirtualLogger personnel.

• Monthly service charges for the services provided will remain the same as the existing agreement between VirtualLogger and the client stipulates.

• VirtualLogger intends to maintain its technology to be consistent with the then-current technology for call recording and related services.