Virtual Logger

Full Time 100% Recording

Full time 100% recording offers clients the advantage of having a complete record of contact center based agent/customer interactions. While some quality initiatives may only require a small sample of calls, recording and retaining 100% of all calls can be invaluable to mitigate liability issues, assure agent compliance to policies and procedures or to serve as proof of a transaction.

VirtualLogger offers several recording and quality monitoring options to suit your company’s budget, telephony environment and recording requirements. And as with all VirtualLogger solutions, all recordings are stored in a secure, high-availability data center for easy web-based retrieval and monitoring.

System implementation is fast and only requires a small one-time setup fee and a nominal monthly access fee. You pay only for the agents or seats you want recorded. And since recording and monitoring are delivered as a service, you can reduce your costs to meet business conditions at any time.