Virtual Logger

Quality Monitoring

VirtualLogger makes quality monitoring and scoring painless with VirtualScore. VirtualScore is an easy-to-use evaluation form development and scoring tool that lets you create scoring forms tailored to your specific requirements. A simple forms creation interface helps you to create customized forms with your questions, sections, color coding, and answer methods.

With VirtualScore, you can start with the Virtuallogger standard library of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or develop a library of your own. Group questions into sections or categories to suit your unique scoring methods. Score sheet options include yes-no, pick lists, scalars and text based comment fields. Scores can be weighted by question, group of questions, and sections. Sections can be created to gather customer feedback for market surveys. Once created, score sheets can be shared by other managers, or stored in a private library. And since VirtualScore stores each question and form in its database, it's easy to modify forms over time and still track individual and team KPIs over any time period.

Research shows that the better your agents perform, the higher your ROI - and good feedback processes lead to better performance.

VirtualScore enables clients to:

• Get both sides of the call - caller and agent
• Create evaluation forms with an easy-to-use point and click design interface
• Easily access, playback and follow calls to make quick work of evaluating agents
• Format control the way you want it - to meet your center's needs
• Have total flexibility in weighting and reporting - to meet your performance goals
• Easily share results with agents and managers, for maximum impact