Virtual Logger

Offsite Recording

VirtualLogger offers Virtual Monitor, a recording and monitoring system that can record remotely without the need for a recorder or software at your contact center. All that’s required to access recordings and quality monitoring applications is an internet connection.

Using the same state-of-the-art recording technology of the VirtualLogger recording systems, recordings are captured from the service observe ports on a PBX from our network operations center in Denver, CO. You control the sampling schedule that selects the agents and intervals for agent monitoring. Once configured, the system automatically captures the recordings for later retrieval. VirtualMonitor can also operate with a PBX that doesn’t have a service observe port, so there’s no reason to replace existing equipment.

All recordings are stored in a secure, high-availability data center for easy web-based retrieval and monitoring. If your quality initiatives require integrated scoring and screen capture tools, VirtualLogger will make those available through our easy to use interface.

VirtualLogger offsite recording services are easy on your budget. System implementation is fast and only requires a small one-time setup fee and a nominal monthly access fee. You pay only for scheduled monitoring time. And since recording and monitoring are delivered as a service over the internet, you can cancel at any time. Are you on a short timeline to kickoff a recording and quality monitoring initiative? Nothing will get you going faster at a lower cost.