"VirtualLogger partners are an integral part of the company's long-term growth strategy."

Virtual Logger

Virtual Logger Partner Program

The VirtualLogger Partner Program enables mutually beneficial, complementary relationships between VirtualLogger and our partners. The program is designed to create new avenues for delivering and implementing VirtualLogger solutions. It is built on a network of strategic partnerships that include:

Reseller Partners that sell the VirtualLogger services or software and complementary hardware and software products

OEM Partners that integrate VirtualLogger’s technology platform into their offerings

Co-Marketing Partners that sell products that are complementary to VirtualLogger’s in VirtualLogger’s targeted markets

The VirtualLogger network of partners, combined with VirtualLogger software and solutions, offers customers access to unparalleled industry and technology expertise. Our partners bring to the mix high-level expertise in the implementation of recording and quality monitoring systems and software. VirtualLogger brings functional and technical expertise around solution areas through training and software tools to support its products. Jointly aligning go-to-market initiatives with partners, and centering those activities on solving critical business problems, enhances our position as the leader in hosted call recording and quality monitoring.